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Thermotraffic bets on apprentices

The logistics company from Versmold trains freight forwarding agents

Versmold – 26 July, 2017 –Thermotraffic hired nine new freight forwarding apprentices to begin their apprenticeship on August 2017. Overall, Thermotraffic thus increases its number of apprentices to 23. Depending on their qualification, they can also complete a work-study program and not only get their Chamber of Industry and Commerce certificate but can also graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Thermotraffic trains its apprentices at 12 different offices in Germany. Four women and five men were hired. Goal of the apprenticeship is not only to successfully finish the apprenticeship but to also become a permanent employee at Thermotraffic afterwards.

“The future freight forwarding agents are prepared for their professional life personally and professionally through their qualified apprenticeship”, Falko Thomas, managing director of Thermotraffic GmbH, says.

Thermotraffic bets on thorough on-the-job training for its apprentices, offers further training measures and promotes development opportunities within the departments but also within the group of companies. During their apprenticeship, the apprentices learn about all areas of logistics such as dispatching, sales or fleet and pallet management.

Through its extensive apprenticeship, Thermotraffic intends to tie its new employees to the company long-term.


About Thermotraffic:

Thermotraffic has operated since 1984 as one of the leading logistics specialists for temperature-controlled worldwide logistics. Thermotraffic has extensive expertise in complex services and offers its customers solution-oriented services. It develops and realizes all-round custom solutions for cool-chain logistics in all industry sectors. Its dynamic and flexible team develops smart logistics solutions for industrial and commercial clients, helping them to become even more efficient in their respective markets and offers a one-stop service. Its range of services offered covers domestic and international overland transportation, ocean freight, seaport logistics, cold storage logistics, air freight transportation, pharmaceuticals logistics, contract logistics and specialized transportation.


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