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On the road with BRC certification

Thermotraffic bets on quality for food transports to England

Versmold – December 9, 2014 – Thermotraffic, international logistics company for temperature-controlled transports, has been certified according to the strict guidelines of the British Retail Consortium Storage and Distribution (BRC) for food transports. After a thorough examination, the independent Certification Body SwissTS in Wallisellen attested the Versmold company an excellent rating on all points. The assessment covers the fleet, the handling of transports as well as Thermotraffic’s quality management.

The compliance with strict regulations according to the BRC Global Standard and their being checked by independent bodies is of utmost importance to Thermotraffic. Safety, quality and transparency are decisive factors for the transport of perishable foods. By having achieved this positive assessment, Thermotraffic has not only reached an important company goal but it is also very well equipped for the future.

Due to the certification to the BRC Global Standard, Thermotraffic expects further growth on the British market. The high requirements for the certificate lead to a high degree of confidence of all operators and an increased demand. The certificate proves the compliance with the strict hygienic, safety and quality criteria of the retail trade in Great Britain.

"After we have been certified according to the International Featured Standard (IFS Logistics) and ISO 9001 for a few years, we are delighted that we are now able to also prove the quality of our logistics services in England by means of the BRC certificate", Falko Thomas, managing director of Thermotraffic GmbH says.

About Thermotraffic GmbH:
Thermotraffic has operated since 1984 as one of the leading logistics specialists for temperature-controlled transports worldwide. Thermotraffic has extensive expertise in complex services and offers its customers solution-oriented services. In the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical sectors in particular it develops and realizes all-round custom solutions for cool-chain logistics. Its dynamic and flexible team develops smart logistics solutions for industrial and commercial clients, helping them to become even more successful in their respective markets. Thermotraffic’s range of services covers domestic and international overland transports, seaport logistics, cold storage logistics, air freight transport, pharmaceuticals logistics, contract logistics and specialized transports.

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