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Thermotraffic invests in new trailers with rollerbed system

The logistics company from Versmold expands its transport business at Frankfurt airport further

Versmold – July 27, 2015 – Thermotraffic, international logistics company for temperature-controlled transport, invests in the expansion of its truck fleet and equips trailers with a special rollerbed system for airfreight transport. Loading and unloading of freight on aircraft sheet metal or containers is thus quicker and waiting times are reduced. Thermotraffic’s management estimates the investment sum for the expansion of the equipment per trailer at about € 85,000.

As Thermotraffic is directly located at the Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF), air shipments such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and pharmaceuticals can quickly be loaded on the waiting trailer at PCF – whether on pallets or loose. From there, Thermotraffic transports the products on cooling trailers with rollerbed system or on trailers with a partition wall at temperatures of between +25˚C and -25˚C to destinations all over Europe. Thermotraffic also offers airfreight replacement truck services from Frankfurt.

By using trailers with rollerbed system, Thermotraffic improves its airfreight services and enables rapid reactivity and flexibility as well as shorter waiting periods for optimized processing of transport orders.

Thermotraffic expects great growth potential in airfreight and airfreight-related overland transport. This applies to new customers as well as to already existing customers. The demand for quick transport solutions is increasing. The consignors and consignees of herbal primary products or perishable goods more and more often ship their products by air. This can also be seen especially in the pharmaceutical industry due to their pharmaceuticals’ oftentimes limited shelf-life. By having opened a branch office at PCF and by investing in this business area, Thermotraffic intends to strengthen its market position.

"By investing in equipment, we react to the increased demand for more flexible and quicker transport solutions for air shipments. We expect high growth potential”, Falko Thomas, managing director of Thermotraffic, says.

About Thermotraffic GmbH:
Thermotraffic has operated since 1984 as one of the leading logistics specialists for temperature-controlled transport worldwide. Thermotraffic has extensive expertise in complex services and offers its customers solution-oriented services. In the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical sectors in particular it develops and realizes all-round custom solutions for cool-chain logistics. Its dynamic and flexible team develops smart logistics solutions for industrial and commercial clients, helping them to become even more efficient in their respective markets and offers a one-stop service. Its range of services offered covers domestic and international overland transport, ocean freight, seaport logistics, cold storage logistics, air freight transport, pharmaceuticals logistics, contract logistics and specialized transport.

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